Solutions from Dhaani Systems

Our Differentiation


  • 3-5X more savings than existing solutions 
  • Up to 85% reduction in electricity use
  • Doesn’t impact user productivity
  • Next Generation patented technology



How We Do It


  • Predictive Analytics
  • Clientless
  • Self-learning,  Self-tuning, Self-managing



Who This Impacts

  • Sustainability Officers
  • Facilities (has the electricity budget)
  • CIO/CTO responding to Environmental Responsibilities





The DhaaniStar

Businesses incur significant costs keeping their IT equipment always powered on. Studies suggest energy cost incurred by IT equipment in most businesses can be as high as 40% of their total monthly electricity cost. With Dhaani products, this cost can be cut in half. Other solutions in the market fall short of meeting this result and incur productivity and support costs.

Conventional power management solutions for computers work on a simplistic notion that a computer may automatically enter a low-power mode based on how long the machine has been idle. However in a business environment, computer usage is far more indeterminate based on usage patterns and IT administrator intervention. Dhaani has taken these and a number of factors that impact power consumption, to create a solution that is customized to each environment to maximize energy savings.

The DhaaniStar is a single platform solution that cuts companies costs of running IT equipment in half. The DhaaniStar is able to deliver far greater energy savings compared to other solutions due to patent-pending technology that adaptively predicts energy savings opportunities for each individual device under its management. With its ease of installation and management, it maximizes user satisfaction and ensures that no loss of productivity occurs.

Solution Highlights:

. Makes deployment easy: quick set up and configuration
. Energy savings without productivity loss: Machines ready when users are
. Simple to maintain: Minimal intervention to maximize energy savings.
. Reports and dashboard: Summary and detailed reports showing energy usage and savings across campuses and multiple geographic locations.