Solutions from Dhaani Systems

Our Differentiation


  • 3-5X more savings than existing solutions 
  • Up to 85% reduction in electricity use
  • Doesn’t impact user productivity
  • Next Generation patented technology



How We Do It


  • Predictive Analytics
  • Clientless
  • Self-learning,  Self-tuning, Self-managing



Who This Impacts

  • Sustainability Officers
  • Facilities (has the electricity budget)
  • CIO/CTO responding to Environmental Responsibilities





Our Ideal Customer Profile

The DhaaniStar™ appliance can be used by IT organizations from small businesses using 50 or more PCs and Servers, to large enterprises using tens of thousands of PCs and Servers deployed in campuses and datacenters globally. We find strong interest from the financial sector (banks, brokerages, insurance), public sector worldwide (government and education), industrial sector (high tech), and the healthcare sector (hospitals).